Taking sex toys on holiday, read our top tips

Going on holiday?


We know that the lovely hot sun on holiday will often get you horny, and you may get lonely and need some entertainment so you may wish to take some toys with you when you travel.

Here are our top tips to consider when travelling and taking sex toy with you...

Keep it small and discreet!...Not only is your baggage space at a premium but the last thing you want is your huge 12-inch super-dong showing up on x-ray. So for the girls consider our Lipstick or Bullet Vibrators, for the Guys check out our Tenga Masturbation eggs which are small and won't take up too much room in your bags.


Avoid battery operated toys...Stick to a small rubber dong instead of a vibrator, these don't contain metal parts so won't be in danger of setting off metal detectors and are less likely to show up on x-ray and will save you embarrassment!


If you do insist on taking a battery operated vibrator...  make sure the batteries are taken out before you pack. The last thing you want is your bag vibrating as it goes around the luggage carousel!! Consider a small and discreet lipstick vibrator or small bullet vibrator

Keep it safe!... If you are planning to play with someone other than yourself, especially a stranger you've pulled in a bar, take plenty of condoms. Keep it safe!!


If you are taking Lube...remember there are restrictions on the amount of liquid that can be taken onto a plane. We have a range of small lube bottles and personal lubricant in 3ml sachets these contain small quantities of lube which you will be able to carry onboard!