Tips to spice up your sex life


You've found our sex tips advice page, here we will add some useful tips and ideas to help spice up your sex life, new content will be added regularly so keep checking back

So you want to try anal sex but don't know where to start? Anal sex can be extremely satisfying if done properly and with care. You need to prepare and warm up, check out this link for 11 tips as to where to start 


Sexpert Alex Hooper-Hodson has reviewed some of our sex toys, follow this link to see what he had to say

Unique Valentines day gift ideas

Are you looking to buy a unique Valentine's day gift this year? Darkest-Desires want to help, we have put together a collection of Valentines day gift ideas that you will love. We've got a range of fun kinky novelties such as chocolate body paints and candy underwear and sex toy kits that will let you and your partner enjoy spending time together.

Don't be boring with flowers and boxes of chocolates, this Valentines day buy them something they will really enjoy and check out our range of Valentine's day gift ideas.

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Try new sexual ideas with our sex toy kits

Our sex toy kits and sets are a perfect low cost way for you to expand your sexual horizons. All of our kits come with a range of different sex toys, perfect to add to your existing collection or if you are new to sex toys and looking to experiment with new ideas they give you the opportunity to try new things with out spending too much money.

Our sex toy kits come in a range of different kits. We have sets that include a variety of different sizes and shapes of multi speed dildo vibrators, like our Bedside companions sex toys kit

One of our most popular kits of the Mystic Treatures couples sex kit, this comes with a range of toys including a multi speed vibrator, anal bead, love eggs and a but plug perfect for playing with both vaginal sex as well as trying anal sex, with this kit you and your partner will never be bored and it's great value sex kit costs less than £35!



Get advice from a Sexpert!

Here at Darkest Desires, we've made friends with the very lovely Alex Hooper-Hodson. Alex is a British sex expert he has written several books including The Boy Files  (an Amazon best seller) he has also written for several publications including Sugar Magazine where Alex was their agony uncle. Alex has also appeared on the TV show Sex Pod where he provides practical advice regarding sex.


Threesums & Swinging!

I know from my own experience that when things are a bit slow in the bedroom introducing a third person, or maybe a forth or more is a fucking amazing way to bring back the spark. Some may be put off with the idea of seeing their other half doing something with some one else, but trust me it is a really horny turn on, and doing something with someone else knowing that your other half is watching is just as horny. Some people may be unsure of the idea of three-sums or swingers but remember you are an adult, as long as everyone is consensual and knows the boundaries and where to stop then it's OK to give it a go. 

Why not go along to a Swingers party, meet lots of like-minded people and have some fun check out:

Swinger's parties:

Swingers clubs:

The Attic, Derby:


Sex toys to perk up your sexual appetite.

When you first met your partner or when you got married your sex drive may have been at it's peak, you were probably having sex 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times or more a day!! You may have noticed that over time its slowed down now perhaps you have sex only once a week, or maybe less? It doesn't mean that your partner no longer loves you but you may both just be bored and need something to turn you both back on.

One way to spice up your sex life is to inject a sense of adventure and increase the excitement is by introducing some sex toys into the bedroom. You or your partner may never have considered using toys before, perhaps your scared or not sure where to start?

Most people have some form of sexual fantasy that they'd love to try, may be you've seen it in a movie and wanted to give it a go.

A great place to start when using sex toys for the first time is with our sex toy kits. All of our kits contain a variety of different sex toys in different shapes and sizes, these give you the opportunity to try new sexual ideas without having to spend a lot of money.

We have sex toy sets that include a range of different sized but plugs these will allow you to experiment with anal sex, or check out our other sex kits such as our Mystic Treasures sex toy set shown below which includes a range of vibrator sex toys and dildos as well as a butt plug and anal beads.

These will help you and your partner to safely experiment with your sexual pleasures without having to spend a fortune!

Our sex kits cost between £10-45 so are great value for money!