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Sexpert Advice

TV and magazine Sexpert Alex Hooper-Hodson has been busy and recently reviewing some of our toys, follow this link to see what he had to say Read Alex's Blog


Our Dirty Dozen sex toy kit is our most popular product ever, over 200 have been sold between November & December 2016 - that means hundreds of happy couples are enjoying exploring their sexual fantasies with the Dirty Dozen Sex kit - this kit consists of a set of 12 sex toys including a multi speed bullet vibrator with attachable sleeves in a variety of shapes to help you reach the g-spot in a number of ways, this kit also includes a set of love eggs, some anal bead, cock rings and more!!

This is an amazing low priced bit of kit at less than £25!!



Anal Hoopla - Anal ring toss

Fun adult game to play with your partner. Insert the score rod and butt plug into your partners anus, make them bend over in front of you whilst you toss your rings at them to score points!
Also makes a brilliant joke gift for stag and hen parties or for naughty secret Santa gift!



Clone a willy kits!
These kits are awesome, me and my partner made a clone of my willy it was probably some of the best kinky erotic fun we have ever had! And what could be better than making an exact replica of your boyfriends cock to play with when he's not there!?


Lubido Lube
A great value water based lubricant. Really slippery perfect for use with any sex toy or intercourse. 250mls for less than a fiver in a convenient pump action bottle. 



This guy may only be little but he sure knows what he's doing. The Shiny shank is a great little dildo, he has realistic colourings with added pink bits around the tip, has veiney bits and wrinkles where the foreskin has been pulled back. He's big enough to have the desired affect by being able to insert the whole thing with minimal effort and hitting your prostate! He also has a tapered design which narrows at the base meaning your sphincter muscle wraps around and locks him in place meaning you can keep this guy inserted whilst you walk round the house for a bit of added fun. Also this guy is equipped with a super strong suction cup which means he is great fun in the bath room, allowing you to stick him to any smooth surface and ride him!