Help and advice

A helping hand from Darkest-Desires. If you need help or advice, about any issues be it sexual health, family problems, coming out, financial matters relationship problems or anything else that's on your mind then it's good to talk.


Don't keep it bottled up inside; talk to a friend, colleague or relative if you feel you can or if you'd prefer some impartial advice take a look at some of the links below.


We've gathered together a short list of places where you can get relationship advice, counselling, help and support with issues including sexual health as well as mental well-being.



If you're lesbian, gay, bi, transgender or other consider talking to your local LGBT+ centre. Most towns will have their own LGBT+ groups, they are there to give you help and support by running various activities to enable you to meet new friends, get sexual health advice and support as well as being able to support you with various other issues.


Here's a few links to some LGBT+ groups around the country;


Edinburgh LGBT Group


Cardiff LGBT Group


Derby LGBT Group


Nottingham LGBT Group


Leicester LGBT Group


London LGBT Group


Manchester LGBT Group


The above is just a few samples that we have put together with the aim of helping you find an LGBT+ centre near you, a full list can be found on Stonewall's website which has a directory of all the UK's groups where you can search by town:- Stonewall LGBT group town search


Stonewall is a national charity set up to support gay people they can help with a variety of issues including sexual health, general help and advice, relationship issues as well as equality issues



The Samaritan's is a national charity that can help if you are feeling down, upset or depressed, they are friendly people who are there to listen and help when you need it. They can help you and support and guide you with many issues including relationship and family problems, lonliness as well as financial, employment issues or money worries. Call them if you need to talk about anything they have walk-in centres all over the country where you can speak to a friendly volunteer and get help and advice -




Terrence Higgins Trust is a national charity who's aim is to provide sex education for the prevention of HIV transmission in the UK and sexual health advice and support for those living with HIV. Get in touch if you have any worried or need advice regarding your sexual health.



NHS Direct can be contacted by calling the non emergency number 111 from your phone. They can provide you with advice and support regarding any health issues. For sexual health advice they can direct you towards you local Sexual Health Clinic (GUM clinic - gynecological urinary medicine)