Earn extra cash!

Want to earn some extra cash whilst having fun with your friends? Run your own Ann Summer's party.

It's easy with a little help from Sex Toy Shop UK you can earn extra money whilst having fun.

You could easily earn 25% commission by selling our products directly to your friends or by listing our items on your eBay or Amazon shop.

All you have to do is get groups of your friends together have some fun and browse our products.

When your friends make purchases you earn money!

Think of this as the modern-day Tupperware party! It doesn't even have to cost you anything, what have you got to lose?  

Here's how it works: Contact us to tell us that you are interested, we will give you a special discount code which will give you 25% off every purchase you make.

Arrange groups and parties with your friends or people nearby, just get some wine and nibbles and have fun!

These parties are great fun for birthdays or hen do's! You show items to your friends, if they make a purchase they pay you the full recommended price and then you buy from us with a 25% discount so you make 25% profit! EASY!!  

So here's a demonstration...

3 easy steps to earn a lot of extra cash:

1) Your friend buys a Bunny Vibrator for the RRP of £30, you collect £30 from your friend.

2) You place the order at www.sextoyshopuk.com using your 25% discount code– so you pay only £22.50... (£30 from your friend minus the £22.50 cost to you means £7.50 profit!)

3) The item is sent either to your address or directly to your friend, you earn £7.50 profit with minimal effort. Postage costs will apply per order so to maximise your profits we suggest you collect all orders from your friends and place them as one large order that you can then distribute the items to your friends.

If you were to host a party we believe that you can easily make 5-10 or more sales in an evening, that's an amazing amount of profit for just having fun with your friends!

And you do not have to invest or risk any of your own money, how much better can it get!? You can even list our items on eBay, Amazon or other buy and sell websites and earn 25% profit on every sale you make, we can then ship your orders directly to your customers.

Optional extras: We can supply you with paper sex toy catalogues (these cost £1.50 each – we recommend you have 5-10 catalogues) you do not have to have the paper catalogues you could just browse our website if you prefer.

We can also supply a demonstration pack with a variety of products so your friends can see what products look like for real. (starter packs range from £100-150) again this is optional. 

For more details contact us at Info@sextoyshopuk.com