3Way Tongue Joy Oral Microvibe Kit

Brand: Tongue Joy
Product Code: BTJ02
Availability: In Stock
Price: £17.84 £20.99



Introducing 3Way by Tonguejoy. Multiple uses with quality that lasts.

This patented toy includes a robust motor, supported by a turbo charger with a custom sleeve for use as a vibrating ring, oral vibrator and finger vibrator.

3Way is an ultra quiet, push button, stainless steel, micro vibrator that can be stored in a discrete, snap button, on the go pouch promising both versatility and longterm pleasure.

Also included in this offering are extra batteries and a turbo charger for longer battery life. Dont settle for a one night stand.


Product Information
EAN 080667122960
FEATURES 3 Uses 1 Microvibe
LENGTH 1.25 Inches
POWER Included
SIZE 1.25 Inches
BRAND Tongue Joy

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